The Experience Concours at CCCA Museum


The event opened with a Museum Trustee meeting on the Thursday night, May 31st.

The following morning an overnight tour of western Michigan and the Lake Michigan shore was conducted. On Saturday June 2nd, the art exhibit opened at the CCCA Museum featuring works by Alex Buchan, David Chapple, Gerald Freeman, Tom Hale, Steve Macy and Dan McCrary. The group of us that did not do the overnight tour ate lunch at the Gull Lake Country Club and then were treated to antique wooden boat rides on the lake. Saturday evening the entire group had a dinner at the car museum with several speeches and introduction of the Grand Marshal, Clive Cussler, author of over 45 best-selling books and a noted collector of Classic automobiles.  The artists that were still present were also introduced.  I happened to sit with David Chapple and his wife, both of whom are very nice and interesting people to speak with.

Sunday was a cloudy cool day and that may have had something to do with the (in my opinion) low turnout of cars for the show experience.  There were about 25 Classics shown.  At 2:30pm, Dave Schultz began presenting awards.

Clive Cussler’s 1931 Cadillac 16cyl 4380 Dual Cowl won a special award.  It is a beautiful car.

Ed Devries 1935 Cadillac Model 20 V8 convertible also was a special award.  Another great car.

The Gilmore award went to Don Hanson, a 1924 Packard 143 Town Car.

The CCCA award went home with Jack Smith for a 1934 Packard 1107 Coupe Roadster.

The Sponsor award was for a 1959 Cadillac 6237 2door coupe owned by Frank Tomasello.

The Museum trustees award went to Tom Tuls’ 1931 Packard 840 Roadster, the 1931 NY Auto Show car by Rollston.





The Spirit of the Road award was given to Dave Johnson’s 1938 Cadillac 75 Convertible Coupe.

The Chief Judge’s Choice was a 1935 Bentley 3.5 ltr Sporting Saloon by Mulliner owned by Dave Deppe.

The Grand Marshall award went to a 1935 LaSalle Conv. Coupe owned by Greg Ornazian.

The Best of Show was a 1937 Cadillac 90 Imperial 16 cyl Cabriolet 4 door owned by Skip Tetz.

Article by Duane Wesche